What effect does Provigil have on patients with epilepsy ?

Provigil on epilepsy patientsEpilepsy is a neurological disorder that is characterized by the occurrence of seizures. If the patient has more than one seizure, then he or she may be classified as epileptic. The condition can occur due to genetic or acquired causes. There are drugs available that can help in controlling the seizures and also to treat the person. However, some epileptic patients may be prescribed to take Provigil as a part of their drug therapy.

Why Provigil? This is probably one of the constant questions that run in the minds of epileptic patients and others too when they come across this statement at any time in their life. Many may wonder as to why a drug like Provigil that is used primarily as a medication to help overcome narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea is being administered to patients with epilepsy as well. There are many reasons for this, and they are looked into in detail below.

The multiple benefits of Provigil in epileptic patients

The success of Provigil is that it has many off-label uses that are highly important in treating a number of conditions when the patient does not respond to other medication. One such instance of Provigil’s off-label use, which is gaining more popularity among medical professionals, is the use of the drug in epileptic patients. The reasons for doing so are because of the number of benefits aided by the medication. They are:

  • One of the reasons why a seizure becomes triggered is the lack of adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause changes to the neural activity in the brain and in turn lead to seizures. The metabolites in Provigil help to maintain the sleep-wake cycle and reduce the chances of a seizure attack from happening. Continuous sleep of six to seven hours is healthier than disrupted sleep patterns of a few hours at a time. It can effectively bring this pattern into order.
  • Another instance where the drug is very useful is when the epileptic patient goes through periods of fatigue and excessive daytime sleepiness. These are a few common symptoms associated with people who have this condition. Provigil use does not cause seizures and it does not exacerbate the condition either, making its use safe for most patients.
  • Side effects of anticonvulsant medication make the individual to feel drowsy and groggy in the head. It works as a better wake-me-up than caffeine and increases the focus and attention of the individual. Usually after a seizure attack where highly potent drugs have been used, the patient will be recover from the episode better with the help of Provigil to counteract the effect of other drugs.

Can I buy Provigil if I’m epileptic?

Considering these multiple benefits of Provigil, you may be tempted to buy the drug if you are epileptic. It is not recommended to commence any kind of prescription medication without the assistance of your healthcare provider. It can become habit-forming if its use is not regulated. Seek professional help first to ensure that the drug is first suited to your ailment and general response to treatment. If your doctor prescribes Provigil, then you can purchase Provigil from internet drugstores without any fear.