Why is provigil use on a rise in the college life of students?

Provigil is a potent wakefulness-promoting agent that is employed in people who are suffering some excessive daytime sleepiness, also known as narcolepsy and people who have dullness or troubled sleep due their shift work (shift work disorder). Provigil is prescribed only for adults after proper diagnosis by the physician. This medicine should be used in short-term treatment of sleep disorders else it may be habit forming.

Why is Provigil popular among College Students?

Students started using Provigil to boost their productivity, especially at exam times. In recent times, using restricted and powerful drugs has spread among the students. They prefer Provigil medicine more because this drug is found effective in enhancing short – term memory and it also helps in enabling the users to stay up for an extended period of time.

Statistics says that about 50 – 60 % of college students use this Provigil medicine illegally. Students fake the symptoms and manage to get a prescription from the physician. Else they get the leftover medicine of Provigil from their college mates who are under treatment for ADD. As the excess pills bring patients extra revenue, they sell the medicine with no other questions.

When college students use Provigil, they think that they can have long night studies before the exams and consequently, they can have more focus in answering the question.

Provigil drug is considered to be an effective stimulant medicine. It has the ability to sharpen the user’s memory and make them remember things better than before. It is also known to increase focus and help in decision making. Provigil is found to improve the user’s condition even though they do not suffer from any sleep disorders. These are the main reasons why college students prefer Provigil drug so that they can improve their grades in the exams.

Risks associated with usage of Provigil among students

When Provigil drug is used for long term or overdosed then it could be life threatening and may even cause adverse reactions. Provigil drugs are amphetamines and a Schedule-2 drug which require a prescription by a registered physician. This drug is also considered to possess high potential for abuse and physical dependency by the FDA. Like other amphetamines drugs, Provigil medicine has the same effect in the brain which leads to addiction. The most common and dangerous side effects of Provigil medicine are that it may cause high blood pressure, stroke, anxiety disorder, psychosis and heart attack.

Hence it is best to limit the usage of Provigil among students. Parents can monitor their children and their behavior from time to time. If the parent needs to take Provigil for their own medical condition, they must keep track of their Provigil pills every time they take their dosage. Parents can also monitor children’s internet usage in order to limit them from ordering Provigil through online pharmacies in an illegal way.